Deploying Debian images


Am I correct in thinking that to deploy Debian images the commercial Ubuntu Advantage is needed


Not truly correct… You can deal with it! (I successfully did) But I guess you will get good support if you purchase the commercial version :slight_smile:


As anyone been able to boot Debian images? I can upload an image but it looks like the following when the machines boots.

#Image upload.
maas coldadmin boot-resources create name=custom/debian99 title=“Debian 9.9” architecture=amd64/generic content@=/home/coldadmin/debian-9.9.1-20190515-openstack-amd64-source.tar.gz
maas coldadmin boot-resources import

#Output from curtin when the machines attempts to load the Debian image.
curtin: Installation failed with exception: Unexpected error while running command.
Command: [‘curtin’, ‘curthooks’]
Exit code: 3
Reason: -
Stdout: ‘ID’

Stderr: ‘’