Deploy process

Hi, I am interested what happens with a information in a disk drive when you deploy node after commisioned it?

For example, imagine if I have a node with two disk drives (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb). /dev/sdb is partitioned (has /dev/sdb1) and saves some valuable information and /dev/sda is a disk where I expect maas will install my chosen OS. What I assume is that after I commision it and start deploying (e.g. Ubuntu 18.04 image) on top of a node maas would install OS into /dev/sda and will leave /dev/sdb untouched

From my experience after deployment into the disk /dev/sda was installed OS, but I do not see /dev/sdb1 partition. Only /dev/sdb. Does information in /dev/sdb disk drive lost?


I don’t recommend counting on deployment to leave part of the disk alone. MAAS owns that whole machine once you’ve captured it. Upon deployment, MAAS wipes the partition table, so it’s very easy to lose anything that’s still mounted.

There might be a way to remove that disk (in MAAS) after commissioning, so that deployment won’t touch it – and it might work, but it’s untested (and hence, unsupported). I’d recommend finding another way to do what you’re trying to accomplish.

Yes. I experienced that after commision disk drove stays healthy. Unfortunately after deployment partition of my second disk dissapears. Thank you for your response, but because of a data which was on the second disk it would be nice to know if it is possible to retrieve HDD /dev/sdb1 partition