Deploy node with only a public ip

Hi all,

We have a Maas 3.0 snap setup where all nodes (including the Maas servers itself) have just 1 25GbE NIC.
Switches are Linux based with full Ansible support and use vxlan/vlan.

The idea is to create a multi tenant setup where end users can hire bare metal servers, up to around 1300 servers per Maas instance.

I have a setup now with a commission subnet (vlan 0 on the nodes), an ipmi vlan with layer 2 filtering for security and a public ip subnet.

Deploying machines over the rfc1918 subnet and giving a public ip on a vlan works fine. However, after deployment the rfc1918 network is used as a default gateway.

I tried to use the api to change the default gateway before deploying, but the deployment fails since the public ip’s on the rackd controllers are firewalled.
Ideally, I would like to remove the rfc1918 deployment network after it is done. What are my option to do this with Maas?

@jmellipse21, this sounds pretty hairy, network-wise. let me poll the team and get back to you.

from the team: " Yeah this doesn’t seem simple, you need something to be able to reach the rack controller, and it sounds like only the commissioning subnet can reach it in this scenario

I suppose they can add a route to the subnet that contains the rack controller in the public subnet, but that’d require a gateway to exist, it’d also be useful to know how IPs are assigned in the public subnet"

Hi Bill,

Thanks for checking this. The route method actually sounds good.
I could always use cloud-init to post configure the machines.

Thanks again

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