Default password for user virsh

MAAS is adding a user virsh with some password, in addition it enables password based SSH on the VM host. I’d like to know what is that password and If can change it somehow?

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@oz123 see for how to change the password.

I would still like to know where to lookup the password.

@oz123, just FYI. I ended up dumping the DB and looking up the password there.

Is it stored in the DB as clear text password?

@oz123 yes. Here’s the relevant snippet from my dump.

-- Data for Name: maasserver_bmc; Type: TABLE DATA; Schema: public; Owner: maas

COPY public.maasserver_bmc (id, created, updated, power_type, ip_address_id, architectures, bmc_type, capabilities, cores, cpu_speed, local_disks, local_storage, memory, name, iscsi_storage, pool_id, zone_id, tags, cpu_over_commit_ratio, memory_over_commit_ratio, default_storage_pool_id, power_parameters, default_macvlan_mode) FROM stdin;
29      2021-06-11 14:45:34.075746+00   2022-03-16 13:01:29.216984+00   virsh   \N      {amd64/generic} 1       {composable,dynamic_local_storage,over_commit,storage_pools}    16      1047    -1      1141288456192   63816   your_hostname_here    -1      0       1       {virtual,pod-console-logging}   1       1       14      {"power_pass": "your_password_here", "power_address": "qemu+ssh://maas@localhost/system"}

:man_facepalming: that’s just terrible … this needs to be solved in a better way …
Thanks for sharing the information!

@oz123 just FYI, it’s the same for the passwords it generates for the maas user on BMC/iDRAC/iLO etc.

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