Default link target?

I just noticed that when I click a link in the forum, it doesn’t open in a new window. This was a little annoying since I lost the context of the post I was reading. Thankfully (though the UX is a bit confusing), it seems that clicking a link while drafting a post isn’t really an issue; left-clicks seem to be blocked (though I can still right-click and explicitly open the link in a new window).

Can/should we set up discourse to open links in a new tab or window by default? (especially links that take you outside of the forum)

hmm, I’ve gotten into the habit of middle-click for links in new windows and hadn’t noticed. It might be that there’s different markdown syntax for blank target vs not that has to be added to links created.

Yeah, I’m usually in the habit of right clicking and using the context menu; I always forget about the middle-click shortcut. Thanks for the reminder. =)