Default cloud-init


Resurrecting - Set default cloud-init

Is there any upcoming feature or way to set a default cloud-init config for all nodes / all nodes in a group somehow ?


Hi @shantur

It’s not on the roadmap at the moment.

Would the workaround explained in that thread work for you in the meanwhile?

Hi @r00ta ,

Unless I missed it. the workaround mentioned is just to use the same cloud-init config manually for all machines which is the normal way to do it.

Considering when I have machines which I need to be configured in a same way, I could add them to a pool or tag or identify the group in some way and then add the cloud-init config to the group.
Can I please request this feature to be added to the feature lists?


Sure thing. We periodically go through the community feedbacks and requests (i.e. discourse posts marked as “Features”) together with our customer’s requests to populate our internal feature backlog.
Then, periodically, we decide what to include in the roadmap and what to keep in the backlog.