Decide hostname of auto enlisted machine by self at enlistment


After the server is installed in the rack, the BMC with IPMI is set up and the machine is booted, PXE boot runs and the machine is enlisted. At this time, the newly enlisted machine will have a name generated by the python petname library.

In an enterprise environment, the server name is managed by a prefix that you decide + sequential number, or by a serial number. The ability to determine the name of the machine based on the BMC metadata during the enlistment phase of MAAS would make server construction much easier.

About feature

If some string can be obtained from ipmitool mc getsysinfo system_name command when discover unenlisted machines, use it as the machine’s hostname at enlistment process.

Considering that some bmc’s with default strings, you can set enable or disable this feature.

Thank you for your consideration.