Debian custom images support for 3.5


I came across that MAAS is planning to support custom images for different OSs here.

Can debian be included in these custom images as well?
I know that there were issues with supporting debian directly but a with custom template for debian it can be easily installed with MAAS. It would be easier to have a separate custom template for debian as well here preseeds « maas « etc « package-files - maas - [no description]


  preserve_sources_list: true

  fallback-package: linux-image-amd64
  package: linux-image-amd64

 maas: |
  {{for line in str(curtin_preseed).splitlines()}}

# Fix for
  01_fix_cloud_init: [curtin, in-target, '--', 'wget', '-O', '/var/lib/dpkg/info/cloud-init.postinst',  '']
  02_fix_cloud_init: [curtin, in-target, '--', 'bash', '-c', 'chmod +x /var/lib/dpkg/info/cloud-init.postinst']  
  maas: [wget, '--no-proxy', '{{node_disable_pxe_url}}', '--post-data', '{{node_disable_pxe_data}}', '-O', '/dev/null']

As soon as the debian cloud-init bug is fixed, the template will almost be same as others.


Hi @shantur ,

we just merged , if you give it a try it would be great if you could share your experience with it