Dealing with long machine lists [poll]

Lists with many items are a design challenge. No matter what kind of items, humans can’t properly scan dozens (not to mention hundreds) of rows in a list. This is why software tables and spreadsheets have always had search and filtering features.

Some of you, MAAS users, daily face a list with dozens to hundreds (to even thousands, in some edge cases) of items in the first section of the UI: Machines. We would like to know more about your common actions to deal with that list.

What do you usually do when your machines are loaded? How do you find the machines you need to check or interact with?

Please, let us know which of the following actions do you consider your most common “first actions”.

Note: due to some formatting issues with titles, there are some empty options. Please just ignore them.

Note 2: polls can’t have more than 20 options, if your most common action is not listed please tell us about it in the comments.

Most common “first action” at Machines
  • [search] Machine name
  • [search] Power state (On / Off / Error)
  • [search] Machine status (Allocated / Broken / Deployed…)
  • [search] Tag
  • [search] Resource pool
  • [search] AZ
  • [search] Fabric
  • [search] Architecture
  • [filter] Machine status
  • [filter] Resource pool
  • [filter] Architecture
  • [filter] OS/Release
  • [filter] Tags
  • [filter] KVM
  • [filter] Subnet
  • [filter] Fabric
  • [filter] Zone

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