Curtin in-target for windows

Would anyone be able to provide a working example of the curtin for a Windows deployment ? We need to deploy Windows 10 using MaaS so far we’ve been able to successfully deploy the image. However, we need a way to inject our SaltStack agent so we can kick off some orchestration.

I can confirm the following:

  • cloudbase-init successfully installed during image build
  • curtin hooks are present
  • bootstrap script is saved and present at the root of C:\ on the image

When we attempt to call our bootstrap script using the in-target parameter it errors out with ‘file not found’. The same process works fine on our Ubuntu builds.

Any insight on where curtin PWD is during windows build would be helpful or a working example would be great!


Our windows template for packer-maas is still a work in progress, but it might give you ideas:

Also feel free to contribute to this template so we can complete it and make it officially supported. :wink: