Create custom images

This tutorial covers building custom Ubuntu images for MAAS using Packer.


  1. Install Packer:

    sudo apt install packer
  2. Install dependencies:

    sudo apt install qemu-utils qemu-system ovmf cloud-image-utils

Getting the Packer templates

Clone the Packer MAAS templates:

git clone

Building a custom image

  1. Navigate to the template directory:

    cd packer-maas/ubuntu
  2. Build the image:

    make custom-ubuntu-lvm.dd.gz

This will take a few minutes to complete.

Uploading to MAAS

Upload the image to MAAS:

maas admin boot-resources create name=custom/ubuntu architecture=amd64/generic filetype=ddgz content@=custom-ubuntu-lvm.dd.gz

Deploying the Image

  1. Now deploy the custom image to a node in MAAS.

  2. Check the node details to confirm the custom OS:

    maas admin machines read | jq '.[] | {hostname, osystem}' 

With these steps, you’ve built and deployed a custom Ubuntu image with Packer and MAAS. Refer to the Packer MAAS documentation for more advanced usage.

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