Could not start node for commissioning: ['Ephemeral operating system ubuntu jammy is unavailable.']

I’m using the MAAS 3.2.8 (snap version). As of today, I can’t register/add any machine, as regiond fails with the error of “Ephemeral operating system ubuntu jammy is unavailable.”.

I’ve checked the host running MaaS. The NTP/Time is OK. Network connectivity OK. I can download the file from the by running the command:
wget && echo “2222ebbe85984120c869610e48a80b0495a9b78ba532801a4a93f4d73ff122d9 boot-kernel” | sha256sum -c

I’ve checked my boot sources, and they seem to be up to date:
maas $MAAS_PROFILE boot-sources read | tee /dev/fd/2 | jq .[0].id | xargs maas $MAAS_PROFILE boot-source-selections read && maas $MAAS_PROFILE boot-resources read

At the same time, I have one rack controller that’s not synced, and spinning wheel (Syncing to rack controller(s)) next to all images.

Any idea how to recover?

Thank you in advance!

The problem is fixed. Apparently while rack controllers are syncing, you cannot add new hardware to the MaaS server (at least in version 3.2.8).

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