Convert network type "Bridge" to "Open vSwitch Bridge" on deployed node with OpenStack

Hi folks,

Using MAAS 3.1, have deployed Charmed OpenStack (focal-xena) on 5 physcial hosts, I have deployed a host with a bridge of “type” physical (br-ex) on the only network interface (appears as type “Bridged Physical” on MAAS GUI). However the rest of the hosts are deployed as “Open vSwitch” (br-ex). The host with “Physical” has lxd containers and services running on it, such as ceph-mon etc.

The host is reachable on the network and its lxd container services all seemingly work, but
a.) I would like to convert this node to “Open vSwitch” like the others
b.) I have errors when I do “ovs-vsctl show” on the host with the Physical Bridge -->
" Port br-ex
Interface br-ex
type: internal
error: “could not add network device br-ex to ofproto (File exists)”

Any ideas what the best way to fix this and to have the reality reflected in MAAS GUI as well?

I have 2 ways I can think of:

  1. Move the services off that host and fix the “Bridge” type in MAAS and redeploy just that host?
  2. Manually convert the host to “Open vSwtich Bridge” and just live with the host being wrong in MAAS?