Controller status

Controllers are in different channels

Check all your region and rack controllers are tracking the same channel of the snap

If in doubt: snap refresh maas --stable

Controllers are in different package formats

Which do you want, the snap or the debian package? Pick one and ensure that all your controllers are using that package.

My controllers are all in the same channel, but after upgrading to 3.1, 2 out of 3 of the rack controllers do not report their channel to the regional+rack controller so it gives this error. I’m not sure if this has any impact beyond a red and white X icon on the controller page. I can’t find anything here regarding this issue. Has anyone seen this? I have run the above snap refresh maas --stable, and they are all in the same state.

In case anyone else happens upon this, I issued snap list on my system that was working and compared what was installed to the 2 that were not working. There was an install of snapd from the snap command that came with 18.04 on the one that was working. I installed it on the other two: sudo snap install snapd and it started reporting the channel correctly. 18.04 was otherwise completely up to date on all of them.

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