Controller Interface/network Issues

Hello, Im running maas 3.3 with multi homed and multiple interfaces along side docker running the db. I only want maas to use one of the interfaces. So far I have been unable to force maas to do so. Below are some of the issues Ive been experiencing:


  • maas is detecting the docker interface and trying to use that as the default network.
  • Unable to remove the interfaces from the controller through maas gui or cli
  • Removed the subnets associated to the interfaces but after restarting maas they come back.

Subnet / DNS:

  • Unchecked Manage allocation, active discovery, proxy access and Allow DNS resolution on the subnets. When looking at ss -tunpl named is spawning 100s of sockets for subnets I have DNS disabled. If I do not allow DNS resolution for a certain subnet why is named still trying to use that interface?

Network Discovery:

  • Unchecked Network Discovery on 2 of the 3 subnets but maas is still scanning those subnets and devices are showing up under network discovery.

Is it possible to bind maas to a single interface?
How can I remove/delete interfaces from the controller?
Is there a way to configure maas to ignore certain interfaces? (docker0)
How can I add a custom named.conf?


give me the details on your “multi-homed and multiple interfaces”, i.e., network layouts.

I’m in the same situation in one deployment scenario.

eth0 - public IP
eth1 - backend network connected to all servers

I would like to have MAAS components not listening on eth0.

Should I configure each components separately? E.g. squid, nginx, rsyslogd, etc.

nope, it’s not possible to bind maas to a subset of interfaces out of the box