Configuring LVM for the External HDD While Deploying the machines | Does't Work

Hi Everyone!!!

Im very new to this service, I have a doubt requesting to help me…
Currently i have installed the maas from the ppa stable in my local oracle virtual box and have created a machine with 3 HDD like this sizes

Here No 1 is my root volume ,2 and 3 is addition HDD
and have set the storage as LVM

when deploying the machines via maas console am getting pass status in commissioning and it detects the HDD correctly

After that i have deployed the centos7

on this machine Once i logged into that new machine the root volume has been changed LVM other additional drives are not like root




My Goal is if am Selecting the storage layout as LVM it will apply the changes for all other HDD too
How to do that?

Looking for your response…

Hi All,

I have find the solution and its works now from the console itself… and how to do this via cli?
any idea?
Thanks in advance…

The LVM layout only applies LVM to the boot disk. All other disks are left untouched for other uses. MAAS supports more advanced storage configurations but they must be applied on a per machine basis using the UI or API. On the storage tab(your third screenshot) click change storage layout and select blank. Then check all available disks and check create volume group. Once the volume group has been created select the actions drop down and select add logical volume and create your root partition.

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Thanks for your Response Will check and get back to you…