Configuring HP Proliant DL360 Gen10 for MAAS

I’m relatively new to MAAS. I’ve done some experimenting with old hardware, but I now have an Openstack project with 4 new servers, and I’d like set them up with MAAS and Juju.

The initial setup is fine. I was able to PXE-boot all 4 servers and they show up as “New” in MAAS. But they also all say “? Power Unknown”. I tried to “Power off” or “Check Power” on one of them, and now that server show an error.

What settings do I need to change to get these servers to respond to IPMI power commands?


I recommend you use the “Redfish” power type and put the iLO IP, user and password. The user could be new user (security issues) with “Login, Virtual Power and Reset and Configure iLO Settings” permissions.

Thanks for the info. That seems to be working. I was looking at the list of available power types, and I also saw ‘Moonshot’, which specifically mentioned HP iLO. What’s the benefit of using Redfish instead?

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