Configure loopback address

Loopback Interface

Has anyone been able to configure the loopback (lo) interface using maas? I’ve been working on a setup that uses Free Range Routing (FRR) and BGP to provide layer 3 routes on VM hosts. It would be nice if I could configure the loopback interface in MaaS, but that doesn’t seem like an option.

IPv6 loopback isn’t working atm, but the code seems to support it. how are trying to do it?

After commissioning a node, I manually add interface ‘lo’ with 00::00 mac address. This seems to work for one node, but maas will not let me add it on the next node due to duplicate mac addresses not being allowed. Working on rebuilding my maas install with maas-ansible so I can’t doublecheck with the current stable version.

MAC addresses aren’t supported on loopback devices. loopback isn’t MAC-based, because you don’t have to route packets between NICs. what are you trying to do again? maybe there’s another way.

I want to say that I had to specify the mac address or else the web UI wouldn’t let me add the interface.

what are you trying to do again?

I’m using MaaS to deploy my bare-metal nodes for use in OpenStack. I’m experimenting with using L3 to route traffic between the VM hosts/nodes instead of dealing with L2 bonds. So if node1 needs to talk to node2, it would route to the loopback address (set to a /32 IP) of node2 to complete the connection. I plan on using OVN with BGP to provide layer2 connectivity to the VM’s

@ben-ihelputech, we had some feedback from internal support folks today about this very issue. i’ll try to have them share some answers with you soon.

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