Commissioning Problem UEFI and ASUS ESC4000A-E11

Hey all, anyone have any experience getting ASUS ESC4000 series machines to enlist and properly commission and deploy? I’ve got an issue when I turn off CSM (to go full UEFI boot). What I get is a proper enlistment. It shows up in the dashboard as New. But, when I try to commission it, it freezes at the “Fetching netboot image,” and does not proceed to be commissioned.

Thoughts? Anything I can offer to help debug this? I’m having this trouble with all three of the ASUS ESC4000 series machines that I own.

Hi Jonathan, my org was having trouble with this several weeks back (took us almost a month to solve). Apparently there is an issue with a bunch of intel LAN adapters with their base firmware (your ASUS servers have the i350s). Here is the launchpad for it, #1437353.

The fix we found was to flash the firmware on intel LAN cards. Unfortunately, as far as I know, we couldn’t figure out how to flash an onboard LAN. We are currently running 10Gig - X540s in all our servers and after flashing the firmware, we’ve had no issues with netboot from UEFI. Here is the intel flash utility. On the previous version page (27.2), the page lists all the adapters that are supported.

You are awesome. Thank you for the heads up. Great answer.

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