Commissioning network problem

Hi all,

i using 2.8.1 version of maas. and trying commissioning HW machine (HP DL …) manually with add machine

and mac addres for pxe boot is 00:26:55:54:28

When start commissioning machine is powered on and pxe boot to bussybox … wo problem.

there is assigned right IP address in this case
there is mass managed dhcp fabric-1 VLAN7 untagged

but in next steps is in commisioning changed Netwok to fabric-8 and VLAN1 - I dont know why and

And network is signed as disconnected

Even log see next img

thats mean if mass not possible connect to booted machine (busybox) because is network disconnected and all next activities is time outed and commissioning result is fail

Machine is still booted to busybox and accessible (via icmp ) to

How I permanently changing network from fabric-0 and VLAN1 to fabric-1 and VLAN7 for commissioning?

any suggestions



hey, @sat01, in the very top of your console screenshot, it looks like the boot failed and dropped into initrd, so something wrong must be showing before that.

can you repeat this and capture the whole output leading up to that partially visible line at the top of the console screenshot?

Hi @billwear,
the log look like this:

that s mean in boot process try download squashfs from… but my maas rack controllerhas address

any idea, how to fix this problem?


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@sat01, this shows me a few things. let me talk to a colleague this afternoon who specializes in this part of the process, and we’ll get back to you. thanks for the screenshots, very helpful!

It looks like the SquashFS root filesystem may be corrupted. I would try deleting the images on each rack controller and reimporting them

# If using the Debian packages
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/maas/boot-resources/*
# If using the Snap
sudo rm -rf /var/snap/maas/current/var/lib/maas/boot-resources/*
# Reimport the images from the rack controller
maas $PROFILE rack-controllers import-boot-images


i deleting the images on rack controller (only one is used in test env) and reimporting them and the result was same

Can you confirm the machine has networking in the initrd with ifconfig? If you do have networking what happens when you try to manually download the SquashFS or interact with MAAS? The URLs are in the kernel command line.

$ cat /proc/cmdline
nomodeset ro root=squash: ip=::::maas-enlist:BOOTIF ip6=off overlayroot=tmpfs overlayroot_cfgdisk=disabled cc:\{'datasource_list': ['MAAS']\}end_cc cloud-config-url=http://10-0-0-0--24.maas-internal:5248/MAAS/metadata/latest/enlist-preseed/?op=get_enlist_preseed apparmor=0 log_host= log_port=5247 BOOTIF=01-${net_default_mac}

Try the following changing the URL to what is in your /proc/cmdline

$ wget
$ ping 10-0-0-0--24.maas-internal

Fixed. There was problem with server network configuration on BIOS level, were in server was , old config with enabled VLAN only option with set vid number.

Thank all for suggestions.

Best regards jan