Commissioning failure because /sys/class/block/nvme0c0n1/dev: no such file or directory


Just got a commissioning failure on an HP DL385 Gen10+ with a SAMSUNG MZPLL3T2HAJQ-00005 nvme.

The error happens in the 50-maas-01-commissioning script :

 error: Failed to retrieve storage information: Failed to read "/sys/class/block/nvme0c0n1/dev": open /sys/class/block/nvme0c0n1/dev: no such file or directory

The work around it to add the following to the kernel parameters :

For reference, I filed a LXD bug.

Happy MAASing !


Thanks for letting us know about this. I have filed a MAAS bug for this and hope to release a fix with MAAS 2.7.1.

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