Commissioning failed due to lldpd


I am using the latest Maas version (3.4) and I have a problem with a step in the commissioning of my physical machines. It’s the “lldpd” installation step (script 20-maas-01-install-lldpd).
Here’s the error in question:

Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Unable to locate package lldpd

I specify that I’m in an disconnected environment from the Internet, that I have a mirror of the official Ubuntu repo in my infrastructure and that it can be reached from my MAAS VM.
In the MAAS settings, I’ve specified to use the latter as a proxy (to allow machines to type in the repo).

The repo works correctly because I’ve set up a VM on the same network and with the same Ubuntu version (20.04) as my physical machines and I’m able to install lldpd correctly.

I can confirm that my machines can type in my repo because in the commissioning logs, I can see GET requests on my repo and I can’t see any errors on them :

2024-01-10T09:41:40+01:00 Serveur2 cloud-init[2798]: Get:6 focal/main amd64 Packages [970 kB]
2024-01-10T09:41:40+01:00 Serveur2 cloud-init[2798]: Get:7 focal/main Translation-en [506 kB]
2024-01-10T09:41:40+01:00 Serveur2 cloud-init[2798]: Get:8 focal/main amd64 c-n-f Metadata [29.5 kB]

thank you in advance for your help

Hi @irongheistgx

could you please access with your browser the following link (update the ip and the system_id accordingly)


and paste here the content?

Could it be that you have a mirror for focal but MAAS is configured to use jammy for commissioning?

Hi @r00ta

I can confirm that with your order I was able to see the problem. I saw in the metadata that I didn’t specify the components of my repo. As a result, it could only see the main repo and not the universe (which contains the lldpd packages).

      source: deb $RELEASE

By adding the components and deactivating those of the official repos (which I can’t type as I’m in a disconnected environment), it works!

Thanks for your help.

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