Commission script to setup network bonding

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a commission script which will create a bond0 interface automatically from two interfaces which has connectivity and and are of particular make (e.g. intel).

I have the code that generates the correct JSON as below and writes to the MAAS_RESOURCES_FILE

        "bond0": {
            "addresses": [
                    "family": "inet",
                    "address": "",
                    "netmask": "24",
                    "scope": "global"
            "counters": {
                "bytes_received": 0,
                "bytes_sent": 0,
                "packets_received": 0,
                "packets_sent": 0
            "hwaddr": "dd:ff:ee:bb:22:11",
            "mtu": 1500,
            "state": "up",
            "type": "broadcast",
            "bond": {
                "mode": "active-backup",
                "transmit_policy": "layer2",
                "up_delay": 0,
                "down_delay": 0,
                "mii_frequency": 100,
                "mii_state": "up",
                "lower_devices": [
            "bridge": null,
            "vlan": null,
            "ovn": null

(the values for INET and HWADDR are obtained from the first interface used for bonding)

It passes through the Commission stage; however fails to deploy saying

" Error:

Node has no address family in common with the server"


" Error: Machine must be connected to a network."

  1. Is this kind of config supported in MAAS at the commission stage ?