Cloud-Init user-data via CLI/API


I am having a lot of trouble getting cloud-init user data to work when attempting to deploy a machine through the cli/api. Deployment kicks off but the user_data=x seems to have no effect in the cli, uploading it via web gui it works as expected.

[Config File at /home/aweare/cloud-init/user-data]

user: terminal
password: MyHorribleLabPass
chpasswd: {expire: False}
ssh_pwauth: True
package_update: true
package_upgrade: true

user_data=$(base64 -w 0 /home/aweare/cloud-init/user-data)
maas aweare machine deploy mktpfp user_data=$user_data

I am following this:

Am I missing something here?

I had installed MaaS through SNAP. After installing MaaS via packages this functionality started working. Thank you to anyone who viewed/views this.

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