Clients get the Image but don't appear on the MaaS's GUI under Machines

Hello Guys,
since a couple of days, I have been using the MaaS, it looks brilliant tool, but sadly there is less online know-how resources, especially the version 3.4. The documentations are also not much comprehensible.
Precisely: everything looks good, but when the clients get the Image, and the MaaS’s GUI doesn’t show the clients, why? of course I use all in VMs, but I think, it is an issue.
Second: i could not find any online documentation as well, how to configure the new clients, like managing their username, password, etc.
thanks a lot for your kind replies.

Hi @na88nar

Can you please expand a bit more on the issue that you observed with a steps to reproduce?
I guess clients are machines? Are you sure that they are getting an image from MAAS?

Would really like to know more about your setup.

dear @troyanov ,
thanks a lot for your reply.
MaaS is a VM, and Clients or also VMs (machines). they get the IP, and they boot from MaaS, the clients run perfectly fine. but only the Machines and Devices Sections on the MaaS’s GUI are still empty. therefore I can’t manage any connected Clients (VM or machine, whatever).
here is the GUI of the MaaS,

It feels like there might be some network misconfiguration.
Do you have DHCP enabled in MAAS for the same VLAN where your VMs are?

DHCP server should send a DHCP Offer with MAAS IP provided in “next server” property

I did a small talk about the deployment process by the way:

DHCP is active (as you see the screenshot); if it weren’t configured, the clients would not have any connection or be able to boot from MAAS. I hope I understand the entire scenario correctly. I will also watch that tutorial.

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