Change ownership for deployed assets

I re-opened a ticket for this request.

We don’t use juju and much of what we do is done through either maas-cli, maas UI, or gomaasAPI. A user, who was an admin, recently left our team/company. He has one asset he owns (switch) which is the main switch on the network maas runs. I fear that deleting the switch would require tearing the entire environment down, which is simply not an option. However, allowing this user’s login to maas to remain is a security nono. It would be amazing if a change-owner ability existed.

Is there a brute- or non-brute-force way to accomplish removing this user without being required to tear down our environment?

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Considering the user left the comment, it sound like you can do this with the CLI:

maas $profile user delete $old_user transfer_resources_to=$new_user

This will delete the user and transfer everything that he owns to someone else.

We don’t yet have the possibility to transfer resources without deleting the user, though.


Worked like a champ! Thank you!

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