Change MAAS Controller Network Interfaces Post Installation

MAAS Version: 3.1.0~beta5

Originally, we installed MAAS Rackd + Regiond controller on a machine with two network interfaces, eno1 & eno2. We later added two VLAN interfaces to the host. We cannot find a way to add the new interfaces to the controller list of interfaces post installation. What is the procedure to do this, since it doesn’t not seem to be possible in the GUI and CLI.

Hi @shinybrar, have you tried restarting the MAAS service or the host? That’s how I usually get the MAAS controller to pick up any network interface changes.

Yep, that usually works for me too.

@anton5mith @szeestraten We have restarted the MAAS services multiple times, but to no avail.

Additional Context

The issue we have is in particular with the MAAS provided DHCP service. In reality, the MAAS GUI and API layers work as expected on eno2. But we would like to modify the eno1 interface to use multiple VLANS, and accordingly we want the dhcpd service to operate on one of these VLANs rather than the default eno1.

We have tried DHCP snippets with global context from the MAAS Web GUI (a dope feature, imo),


but something in MAAS keeps overwriting the the file


to a default value of eno1 which MAAS uses as an input argument when it starts the isc-dhcpd-service.

how did you restart MAAS out of interest?


sudo snap restart maas

Go to the subnets tab and create the space, vlan and subnet for your new VLANS. Then enable dhcp and you should be set. Ideally you should add the space/vlan/subnet PRIOR TO adding the interfaces otherwise they may auto create in the wrong place in the subnets page.

@shinybrar, did you try @dandruczyk’s suggestion yet?