CentOS 8 has been added to images.maas.io!

CentOS 8

We have happy to announce that CentOS 8 has been added to the default MAAS images stream! You can start using CentOS 8 by adding centos/8 as a boot a boot source selection in the UI or CLI.

Note: CentOS 8 has changed the default username to cloud-user

packer-maas generated CentOS images

CentOS images hosted on images.maas.io are now generated using packer-maas. We now have an automated Jenkins job which produces new CentOS images whenever there are updates available. These images will go into the MAAS candidate stream to be tested before being promoted to the stable stream.

CentOS 6 Removed

CentOS 6 is going end of life November 30th and will no longer be receiving bug fixes or security updates. As such we have removed CentOS 6 from images.maas.io. MAAS does not delete images which have been downloaded but no longer exist in a SimpleStream. If you are no longer using CentOS 6 you must manually delete it. If you still need a CentOS 6 image with MAAS a Packer template as part of packer-maas.


Thank you!!! :grinning:

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Hi @ltrager,

What Centos 8 image MAAS will provide after end of 2021. Why I ask, may be you already read the news about life cycle of Centos 8 going to be stream version.

Thanks BR,

@tension183, yeah, i saw that announcement yesterday and showed it to @ltrager. we’re still investigating what it means, it wasn’t clear what would happen to CentOS versioning with the shift to streams.

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Hi @billwear,

Any update in this topic thanks in advance.


@tension183, we’re still not finding any clarity here; it’s not us. you may want to research this, also; maybe between us we can come up with an idea about how they plan to structure this change.