Category suggestions

Apart from docs, what other categories do we need?

Might be worth mirroring the snapcraft forums, and including categories for:

  • forum - discussions pertaining to the forum itself (currently called site feedback)
  • release - release summaries (this would need to be discussed with the MAAS team, they may not want to distribute release notes here)

Would be good to have a discussion with the MAAS team to see if they have any ideas about breaking down MAAS into different functional areas (the snapcraft forums have store, snapcraft, snapd etc.), or if one category will suffice.

I have added the following categories across juju and maas discourse:

  • News
  • General discussions
  • Guides
  • Social
  • Feedback and bugs
  • Docs

It might be nice to have a category for development-related discussions, such as for discussing parts of MAAS that users generally won’t be interested in, such as methods of debugging a certain area of the code.

Thanks, I thought that General discussions would cover this area as its a place for discussions about the product. Do you feel there should be a more technical category?

Yes, I feel that “general discussions” implies MAAS users or administrators, whereas it might be useful to have a separate category for deeply technical, and/or development related discussions.

I agree that ‘Development’ would be a good category. If there’s a description I would use ‘Development, debugging and roadmap discussions for MAAS engineers.’

I’ve created a Development category. It seems the other categories have been edited. I think they will grow naturally but should be controlled.