Can't ssh in to MaaS controller started from tutorial multipass instance

Multipass version is 1.13.1 on Debian Bullseye with instances (re)created over the last week or so. MaaS version is unclear to me since I can’t find it in the UI, that seems functional, and can’t ssh in to the controller to query it from the commandline. The o/s version reported by multipass for the VM is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I didn’t see how to add authentication info to allow login so I added my own key, but I think that might allow me access to deployed nodes rather than the controller itself. Being inexperienced I was hoping the multipass based tutorial would ease things.

Apologies for the missing information previously.

The step that I trip up on is this one which refers to an existing ssh session to the controller that doesn’t exist in my attempts to re-create the environment.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @abooker-s2 ,

are you hosting the controller on multipass? Can you access your vm with

multipass shell <INSTANCE_NAME>

? You might need to run multipass list to see your vms

I knew I had to be overlooking something every time I read the tutorial. IMHO it’s not obvious that multipass shell is what is being called for, but I was up a blind alley trying to use ssh directly without enough context. Thank you so much for your time.

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