Cannot find root device

Hey there,

it seems as if the 20.04 line intrds don’t include the Intel 10G Nics I use. My server just instantly hangs and complains about not being able to find the root device. I attached a picture of this error:

According to the specs sheet it’s a x722

Hi there, are there any kernel command line options you could use to enable it or configure it?

did you try using a different kernel (HWE edge etc.?)

thanks for answering. Yes I’ve tried all of them. For better or worse the driver is already in the initrd. I unpacked it and saw to i40e driver in there.

I don’t have any idea what kind of cmdline arguments that would be. Do you have any idea? Maybe the nic needs some firmware, like those wifi cards?

I don’t know unfortunately. If you install Ubuntu yourself on the machine, I expect the result is the same, right?

At what point is this failing? During commissioning, deployment, or after deployment?

How is your storage configured in this machine?

It’s not even commissioning. And no it does work fine in the 20.04 installer iso.

can you please raise a bug?


Thanks nonetheless!

No problem, thanks for raising the bug. If it is a hardware compatibility issue then it is good for us to know about it.