Cannot commission dell poweredge r250 (intel pentium (amd64), idrac))

Hi, I cannot commission my dell power edge r250. Some of these settings are a mystery to me.

I 100% have enabled IPMI over LAN in the idrac web ui.

Here are all the possible options. I’m not sure of what workaround flag to use because this is not documented well as well as the cipher suite to use. Also, I am using Automatic albeit the server does advertise it uses UEFI (I think). Lastly, Power MAC field remains a mystery so I set it to the mac of the idrac / bmc.

Any help would be appreciated. When I have seen commissioning work it goes pretty quickly.

Hi @jmk1984

What exactly doesn’t work for you?
Which version of MAAS you are using and what error do you get when you try to commission your machine?

I don’t know much about your BMC so I would recommend you to check how power management can be achieved using plain IPMI (without using MAAS) and then try configuring MAAS in the same way.

Hi, Troyanov - I actually don’t get any errors it would seem it “begins” the commissioning process and then all tools / tests / scripts hang in “pending” status.

It does show “power status on” after entering the ip / mac / username and password for the IPMI user. I am also able to connect to idrac UI / web interface.

Nonetheless, commissioning does not progress at all. In the past, this has been very fast for machines that did commission.

I am wondering if I need an idrac license for this? I am also reading some users had success using redfish for power management as it is enabled by default; versus IPMI (since some users also went in and enabled IPMI over VLAN in the idrac settings.

It looks like on MAAS you are setting the same NIC for both PXE and iDRAC. Have you configured your server to PXE from that NIC? You should change your settings accordingly to do it

Hi, r00ta - I’m not sure what you mean completely. I thought my nic was the bmc nic used for idrac/ipmi?

I don’t know how you wired your server so I can’t really answer. Usually you have a dedicated NIC for iDRAC, and you might want to PXE from one of the others NICs of your server (you must configure the boot order to PXE from that NIC first of all).

Also, you should check in your server if iDRAC is configured to use the dedicated NIC or if it’s using one of the others.

Also, did you configure your iDRAC with the static IP

Once you figure out how your server is wired, you should be able to configure your machine

Hi, r00ta - I have the idrac which has a dedicated NIC and mac address. We also have an ethernet card. It is my assumption then that the power settings are all dedicated to the bmc mac / ip? May I ask the difference between “Power MAC” (is that a mac address?) versus mac?

The idrac is getting the dynamic ip over dhcp from our juniper device.

@r00ta - thanks for the help (by the way). This is what I see with any option. I’m unsure if the idrac settings are blocking something. I have tried ipmi and redfish to power the BMC.

@r00ta - this is a brand new server. Here is the network card:

Also, here is the idrac settings (mac and private ip)

Also, since this server is new we do not have an operating system set nor an ip bound to the main (non bmc) nic. Does this matter? We did enable pxe for nic 1, but we were hoping to turn the server on and commission it and then push an os during commissioning.?

The MAC address of your first NIC is C4:5A:B1:C0:01:C9, but in the first screenshot you sent you are using C4:5A:B1:C0:01:C3.

Do you have access to the machine console to see what’s printed on the screen after the boot?

I don’t thin I have console / terminal access because we do not have an OS installed yet to boot to so I can only log in to the idrac at this time.

The C3 MAC is the mac of the bmc/idrac. The C9 is the mac of the ethernet card, but that has no IP when the server is powered because no os.

Also, to clarify - in the first screen shot I thought the first input field for MAC was also for the bmc mac… I guess that is for the pxe nic (not the bmc mac)?

Also, do I need to boot an os for this to work in order to have an ip assigned to the nic of the server?

Also, to clarify - in the first screen shot I thought the first input field for MAC was also for the bmc mac… I guess that is for the pxe nic (not the bmc mac)?

Yes, it’s for the NIC that is supposed to perform PXE.

Also, do I need to boot an os for this to work in order to have an ip assigned to the nic of the server?

MAAS will take care of it.

The point is that apparently MAAS is able to power on your machine, but the machine is stuck somewhere in the boot process. I’d suggest to look at machines → your machine → logs → events logs to see if the machine is actually asking for the grub and the other files. If you don’t see anything there, it means your machine is not making any PXE. In that case, I’d suggest to double check again the boot order of your machine. If it fails again, I’d suggest to attach your server to a monitor and see what’s happening when the machine boots

Thanks, r00ta - I have done all of this to the T. I think IPMI is blocked somehow.

I just got done trying with PXE as first boot order and same difference.

Redfish does return a 403 and I also researched the internet and got this:

Redfish support is included in all license types of iDRAC. However, some of the iDRAC features require specific licenses. If a required
license is not present, certain Redfish APIs may not be accessible and return an HTTP 403 status code. 403 implies that there is no
sufficient privileges. In other cases, some of the properties in certain resource may not be returned in a response. The service may also
return errors when such properties are modified. For information of specific license requirements for the resources, see Redfish resources.

I am going to reach out to our Dell rep and see if they can confirm we are blocked from licensing.

Hi, r00ta - can you apply the “Allow ssh without powering node” option before a machine is fully commissioned / commissioned?

Sorry, what do you mean?

Can I prevent a machine from powering off without it powering off during commissioning?