Can you install an older revision (3.2.1) via Snap?


Is there a way to install an older revision of MAAS via Snap or Packages? I would like to install 3.2.1

Unfortunately, the official snap channels for 3.2 only have 3.2.4 (stable) and 3.2.5 (beta & edge).

It’s a similar situation for the apt package ppa: You can only install 3.2.4 from ppa:maas/3.2.

Determining why you wouldn’t want the latest patch-level version is probably the first step.

Are you trying to work around a regression or newly introduced bug? Has a bug been filed for it yet?

Or perhaps are you trying to match version to an already installed system? You could technically copy the snap from there (/var/lib/snapd/snaps) but you’d be on your own there as this wouldn’t be easily supportable.

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Hi vern,

I had a test environment in 3.2.1 setup originally, then when I was rebuilding the machine I was looking to reinstall that version, but I could only get the 3.2.4 version with the standard methods

Other then that, after updating to 3.2.4, I tried to add a machine in the “KVM” tab and it told me the version of LXD on the Ubuntu 20.04 machine was too old. I have not tried yet but I think updating of the LXD version on the deployed machine will fix that problem (have not tried yet)

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