Can I prevent MAAS from changing the BMC address?

MAAS 2.8
ubuntu 20.04

I have two networks. One is just for MAAS. The other is for production. They can see each other and they both have internet access. The production net has it’s own DHCP and DNS.

We use netplan and systemd-resolved on the deployed systems. If I leave the MAAS interface active, then I end up with multiple DNS entries – one from the production DHCP server and one from MAAS. The MAAS one is unreliable, so I am trying to force all DNS traffic to my production DNS server. The only way I found to do this is to disable the MAAS interface in netplan. But this seems to break MAAS’ access to the BMC because for some inexplicable reason, MAAS has discarded the BMC address I configured and switched to using a failover address.

So what I would like to do is configure MAAS to use the BMC address and username that I told it to use. Is this possible?