Can I add a LXD container on Ubuntu MAAS

just a question… I’d like to adding and manage my LXD containers with MAAS, is there a way to make that without use KVM or it’s necessary use that inside the container?

I’m making a lab env based just with LXD, MAAS has been installed on a container and I’d like to add the nodes created as container on it. Is it possible that?

thanks in advance

I’m interested in this too. I see when Juju brings up a container on a MaaS deployed machine, the container becomes visible and known on the gui, but there’s no obvious way to do this without Juju

MAAS currently doesn’t have LXD container support. There has been some talk about potentially doing this in the future. Something that may be of interest to you is that we are currently working on LXD VM support, where you would be able to add a LXD Pod in a similar vein to KVM Pods.