Building my first remote controller

I have MAAS running in my lab now – 2.9.2-9165-g.c3e7848d1 installed using snap. I have just been given access to some servers running in a remote lab. I have access to IPMI and their boot network and we have a site-to-site tunnel but it requires SNAT for traffic coming from the MAAS side. I suspect I will be installing and re-installing these servers so automation is key.

Are there instructions I should be following to set up the lab? I think I need to install a rack controller and connect it to my MAAS server. If so, does the server initiate all comms or do I need to allow the rackd to initiate comms with the MAAS server? And is there a recommended way to bootstrap the lab? Should I manually install 1 server with Ubuntu 20 and install the rackd inside that?

As always, ADVthanksANCE for any advice

FYI, I have learned the hard way that MAAS does not like SNAT, so I have reverted back to a separate MAAS install in my new lab. sigh

MAAS, indeed, does not like SNAT. sorTHATry. apparently nobody else had an easy fix, either. closing this one.