Build a MAAS and LXD environment in 30 minutes with Multipass on Ubuntu

The LXD config (and it’s storage configuration) is included as part of maas.yml - see the content section at the top of the file. You’d need to alter that as well in order to give more storage to lxd (and make sure the VM has enough storage too):

- content: |
      core.https_address: '[::]:8443'
      core.trust_password: password
    - config:
        ipv6.address: none
      description: ""
      name: lxdbr0
      type: ""
      project: default
    - config:
        size: 24GB
      description: ""
      name: default
      driver: zfs
    - config: {}
      description: ""
          name: eth0
          network: lxdbr0
          type: nic
          path: /
          pool: default
          type: disk
      name: default
    projects: []
    cluster: null
  path: /tmp/lxd.cfg
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Go back to the terminal you started earlier, which should still be logged in to the multipass shell on your MAAS VM

First time caller, long time listener here. Thought I might share: You’ve not included any step that I found, which connects the dots in order to ever have, nor connect now, to the particular shell.

Had to google it.