BIND restarting infinitely

Tailing /var/snap/maas/common/log/named.log, I always see this:

26-Oct-2021 11:16:25.085 rejected command channel message from

Then it looks like it restarts bind and the same thing repeats again. But before the line above shows, bind actually works because I can run queries against it and it resolves fine.

My upstream DNS on MAAS UI is set to and DNSSEC is disabled.

/var/snap/maas/common/log/maas.log shows this:

021-10-26T11:18:26.018082+00:00 localhost maas.service_monitor: [info] Service 'bind9' is not on, it will be started.
2021-10-26T11:18:27.481623+00:00 localhost maas.service_monitor: [error] Service 'bind9' failed to start. Its current state is 'dead' and 'Result: exit-code'.
2021-10-26T11:18:28.112307+00:00 localhost maas.dns: [error] Reloading BIND failed (is it running?): Command `rndc -c /var/snap/maas/15003/bind/rndc.conf.maas reload` returned non-zero exit status 1:#012rndc: connect failed: connection refused
2021-10-26T11:18:29.652062+00:00 localhost maas.service_monitor: [info] Service 'bind9' is not on, it will be started

/var/snap/maas/current/bind/named.conf.rndc.maas which is included in named.conf have this:

key "rndc-maas-key" {
        algorithm hmac-sha256;
        secret "xqeVeDCFgI12qv+fEzuxYl5xZH8M+5DQzV+sWWEEAOA=";

controls {
        inet port 954
                allow {; } keys { "rndc-maas-key"; };

And I can see that it only allows that’s why I think requests from are blocked.
But /var/snap/maas/current/bind/rndc.conf.maas have this:

key "rndc-maas-key" {
        algorithm hmac-sha256;
        secret "xqeVeDCFgI12qv+fEzuxYl5xZH8M+5DQzV+sWWEEAOA=";

options {
        default-key "rndc-maas-key";
        default-port 954;
# End of rndc.conf

So I don’t know why it’s sending/getting requests from which is btw one of the interfaces on the MAAS instance.

I was originally running 2.9 when the issue occurred and thought of upgrading to 3.0 by running sudo snap refresh --channel=3.0/stable maas but it’s still the same.

I’ve been on this for quite a while now so I would really appreciate if there’s someone who can help.

I do have the same problem.
This link provided a solution. It solve temporary but it will froze the server ;(

The frozen part was caused by a bug (Nouveau driver and Wayland).

My final solution was to disable, so that rndc -c /var/snap/maas/current/bind/rndc.conf.maas reload runs without problem.

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