Best practice for NTP configuration


I have a lot of “[error] updated clock skew to 0” in my MaaS logs and I don’t understand how to fix these.
From what I understand, configuring NTP in the MaaS UI would make the MaaS Region to sync with this ntp server (default to then each MaaS Rack would sync with the MaaS Region and then, each PXE booted machines would sync with it’s MaaS Rack server.

And so, I configured my MaaS Region with our internal NTP server through the MaaS UI but I still get plenty of NTP clock skew issues.

How do you fix them (knowing that I’m using MaaS 2.8.2, snap based) ?
I configured NTP at the OS level too (with systemd-timesyncd) and all my servers are perfectly in sync but since this is a snap based installation, I suppose that the Chrony that is used by MaaS is not using the host ntp settings.

Any idea ?

Best regards