Be rid of the pgl 14 upgrade warning?

Hi, this warning banner is constant, even though I’m using the test database snap. Could we get an updated test db snap perchance?

We have a newer maas-test-db already, but you are probably tracking 3.2/stable and snap won’t upgrade your local installation automatically.

  3.3/stable:       14.2-29-g.ed8d7f2 2023-02-15 (131) 35MB -
  3.3/candidate:    14.2-29-g.ed8d7f2 2022-12-06 (131) 35MB -
  3.3/beta:         14.2-29-g.ed8d7f2 2022-12-06 (131) 35MB -
  3.3/edge:         14.2-29-g.ed8d7f2 2022-12-06 (131) 35MB -
  latest/stable:    –                                       
  latest/candidate: –                                       
  latest/beta:      –                                       
  latest/edge:      14.2-29-g.ed8d7f2 2022-07-05 (127) 35MB -

maas-test-db doesn’t support data migration, so you should backup and restore your DB manually if you want to preserve the data.


casting ‘Begone, warning!’ doesn’t seem to help

Hi @anton5mith
Did you have a chance to check if you are using the right version?

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