Automation to add machine, allocate and deploy

Hi All,
I am new to MAAS and used UI to add, commission & deploy new physical servers yet.

I came across Integrating with Terraform for IAC and also MAAS CLI as options.
Looking for guidance about the choice of automation tools/tech stack to add, commission, allocate, and deploy new physical servers.

Hi @shan2234
We don’t have a single recommendation, as that’s highly dependent on your use case and familiarity with all of the moving parts

Broadly speaking, I would say if you’re aiming to manage the lifecycle of a handful of machines, you could stick with the MAAS CLI, and maybe write a few bash aliases to handle the tedious bits.

If you’re going for more than that, or you want to be as hands off as possible, I would recommend the terraform-provider, especially if you already have some tooling that works with terraform.

There’s also the ansible-collection which sees less regular updates than terrafrom

hi @lloydwaltersj ,
we already use terraform for other AWS infra. Already tried but have yet to familiarize ourselves.

Probably we will have a provider in crossplane too soon.

thank you.