Automation of interfaces configuration


After commissioning phase I need to create network bridges on each node. Currently we have a bash script (using maas cli interface) which adds bridges to the node after commissioning, but needs to be run manually. Is there any way how to automate it and run such script automatically on maas node when node is commisioned?

MAAS does not currently have a way to run custom scripts or actions after events occur. I agree that this could be a useful feature, but it’s not currently in scope. We are thinking about ways to better automate node configuration, such as by using templates to define patterns of networking or storage devices that can be made generic across a large number of machines. So it would be helpful for us if you could describe the nature of your network interfaces, and how you want them to be configured, so that we can check if the features we’re thinking about will meet your requirements.

Also, just so you know, when you use the API to acquire or deploy a machine, you can use the bridge_all=True parameter to automatically create bridges on every interface. So this might work for you instead.