Automating Initial Configuration Settings for New Machines in MAAS

When I add a new client machine to MAAS, I find myself repeatedly having to manually configure the network interface to DHCP and set the power configuration to Manual during its initial setup. I am looking for a way to automate these settings so that every new machine added to MAAS automatically receives these configurations without manual intervention. Although this question was asked about two years ago too, but perhaps any changes by now.

Is there a method within MAAS, similar to using curtin_userdata's early or late command for OS installations, that can apply these settings by default? Any guidance on how to achieve this automation would be greatly appreciated, whether through built-in MAAS capabilities or a custom script. Thanks a lot.

I have DHCP turned on in MAAS, and when I bring up my server, it will automatically be configured for DHCP and also IPMI is configured for power control (it has the wrong credentials however). Since I don’t use DHCP I also need to change it to a static address.

In my case I have a Dell PowerEdge server, which I’m guessing is well known to MAAS. In your case maybe MAAS cannot recognize your client machine.

You can check on Ubuntu’s website for certified hardware. I think it does make a difference.

@orangepickle82, thanks for your reply.
i cant use the MAAS as DHCP Server, because we have enough DHCP servers, i was thinking, that if there is a way like early command in the curtin_userdata, which i can write, it would be amazing. that the MAAS gives a client machine before deployment on OS such a network configuration.

For the power configuration you have to set it to manual before deployment, if you let the power type unconfigured you would not be able to start any operation.

For the network interfaces, you should always set the IP TYPE before starting the deployment. You should not assume to be able to change the interfaces after you start the deployment (I need to double check if this is currently possible, because this could lead to unexpected behaviours)

Ideally you should make these operations part of your automation on top of MAAS if you have any.