Apcupsd signal support, ups shutdown signal support

Hello, I noticed that MaaS has support for controlling PDU via SNMP. What this topic is about is monitoring UPS signal(network, USB, serial, whatever) and sending shutdown signals via MAAS configured power type to maas controlled nodes. This way one can leverage MAAS to monitor rack UPS and send shutdown signals to tagged/configured nodes on the rack.

Rack with MaaS managed nodes all connected to the same UPS(or individually configured UPS’s).
MaaS monitors UPS for power outage signal or UPS sends power outage signal to MaaS.
When a power outage occurs, MaaS sends shutdown signals to nodes with a configured PowerType.

Additional features could be the ability to configure multiple UPS’s and tag the UPS with the nodes it controls or tag the node with the UPS controlling it. This way a region controller can control multiple UPS’s.

Thank you for your feedback and consideration.

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I think in a UPS armed scenario you would want to issue an OS initiated shutdown, and not a PDU or BMC initiated shutdown, because that’s essentially pulling the plug on the box… In which case, rather just wait for the batteries to die :rofl:

I like where you’re going with this, but I would monitor the ups and then do some kind of pipeline or trigger that will ssh (or winrm) to the group of machine associated to that rack/UPS and issue a OS shutdown remotely.


I appreciate the feedback, I’ve watched maas initiated shutdowns via remote and it appears as tho maas initiates a proper shutdown. Perhaps some verification on how maas sends it’s shutdown is warranted. I’m aware of how the PDU works and I defiantly don’t want a “pull the plug” equivalent.

I defiantly would prefer maas to take care of the automation of shutdown based on UPS signal, maas already has most of the features for this and adding an additional configuration in the maas web page should be trivial, but alas i’m not adverse in programming at that level.

thank you for your feedback

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