Any node action ends with "reboot: Power down" after reaching login prompt

I currently have a machine that appears to be powering itself off within the OS after booting the Ubuntu image it uses when deploying, releasing with disk erase, even with rescue mode.

It finishes its network boot, reaches the login prompt, and then issues a power off.

"Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS proven-bengal ttyS0

proven-bengal login: [ 50.546498] reboot: Power down"

This is not any custom image that we are using but the default image MAAS uses to network boot when performing node actions.

I cannot find any evidence to indicate this is anything but a problem with the OS image MAAS is using, or a command MAAS is issuing after it boots said image.

How do I debug this problem? The node cannot be used because of this.

Have you tried Comission the node having enabled the option “Allow SSH access and prevent machine from powering off” ?

I ended up removing the node from MAAS and then re-adding it.

After that it stopped powering off when deploying/erasing/rescuing.