Ansible Variable overwrite

I am trying to customize my ansible spinnup and tried to set variables in a global file (that I do not track with version control) to overwrite admin_user, admin_password and IP of my regioncontroller.
But it does not seam to take my values.
How can a customization of Ansible variables in something like an .env file work?
Is there any other built in solution for this purpose I should check out first?
Thanks for some Advice.

Hi @novski and thank you for reaching out!

If I understand correctly, you are trying to overwrite the defaults of user/admin variables in the Ansible playbooks. I think the easiest way to overwrite some of the default variables is by passing them to the playbooks when running them, using --extra-vars. The general idea is outlined in the README, and for e.g. overwriting the default admin username admin you could do,

ansible-playbook -i ./hosts\
    --extra-vars="admin_username=username maas_version=3.3 maas_postgres_password=example maas_installation_type=deb maas_url="\

et cetera, for other default variables you want to customise.

There is also some more information on setting playbook variables here, and on precedence of configuration settings here, in the Ansible documentation.

I hope this helps a bit, and feel free to reach out if you need further help!