Allow POST method in the Webhook power driver

The Webhook power driver is a awesome and very welcome addition to maas. It allowed for new ways of controlling machines that do not have internal BMCs.

I have easily and successfully integrated it with a Sonoff Basic flashed with ESP-Easy firmware and can now control my home lab test machines directly from maas (was using manual power driver before).

That said, between all different firmwares that I tried, only one of them allows you to control the relay over the API using the GET method. And that is because if has a very simplistic API, which is not REST.

All other firmwares that I have tried that are much more robust do implement instead a REST API where the method needed to control devices is POST, and only POST. Currently I cannot use any of those other options because of that.

Therefore I think it would be another great addition to MAAS to have this option implemented in the Webhook Power Driver. A new textbox field to allow you to write a “body” section to be sent in a POST call instead.

Thank you for considering this.


Hi @andre-ruiz

Thanks for the proposal this is definitely a nice to have feature!