Allow Hosts to Function without MAAS Post-Deployment

So we have MaaS controlling just a couple of segments on our network, occasion we need to move a MAAS-deployed machine to another v-lan, but machines set up by MAAS are rendered non-functional when unable to contact the MAAS Controller (i.e packages can no longer be installed and further provisioning is not possible), and need to be released and redeployed by other means. Is there a way to prevent this behavior? We want to keep using MAAS, but not as a tyrant. Also, when a pod is added to MAAS, it reboots and attempt to commission all the existing VM’s, is there a way to disable this (auto-importing) as well? As in the case where you might want to keep a few legacy machines left alone, but use MAAS for future VM deployments. Some commissioning scripts might be harmful to active production Machines, even if begun during a maintenance period then immediately locked. I’d rather not have to supervise all pod additions.

This may have been a better question for a support team, but we’re not there yet; at least, until we’re sure we can keep the controller under control, we may have to go another direction.

@inmanturbo, where did you end up with this one?