Allow grouping based on tags

as described here, we’d like the ability to use tags for some logical grouping, much like what profiles or templates do in other systems. as an example, cobbler’s profiles allow for groups of config snippets to be associated with an install distro. the profile can be assigned to machines to get that specific set of config.

we’d like to do something like this via tags, though any type of profile functionality would be super helpful. the automatic tagging based on hardware differences only applies to kernel boot params. this is not quite as useful as profiles. we’d like to associate things like disk layout and specific cloud-init user data scripts to profiles, so groups of machines can all get the same config easily without baking everything into the image. realistically, all of our nodes will get roughly the same image with differences layered on top based on hardware — primarily general compute and gpu.

does this make sense? please let me know, and i can clarify. being able to easily group config parameters in the ui and api is something lots of other provisioning tools have had for years. it would be super helpful in MaaS.