All disks are displayed on NUMA 0

After I added the host through maas, I saw on the host details page that all disks are on NUMA 0.

I remember that NUMA is only related to CPU and RAM.
Does it have anything to do with DISK?


  • Node 0
    • CPU cores
      16 (0-7, 16-23)

    • Memory
      62.65 GiB

    • Storage
      13.1 TB over 6 disks

    • Network
      4 interfaces

  • Node 1
    • CPU cores
      16 (8-15, 24-31)
    • Memory
      62.97 GiB
    • Storage
      0 B over 0 disks
    • Network
      0 interfaces

Yes, numa node also applies to PCI devices in general, and MAAS models numa node for network interfaces and disks.

The info could be useful for instance when composing virtual machines with CPU pinning, as using storage/network on the same CPU node as pinning cores normally yields better performance.

@Jerry, i’m @billwear, the tech author part of the MAAS core team. i’m interested in understanding your machine architecture (how many machines, how organized, how many racks, etc.). this is for engineering purposes, for improving how the doc talks about NUMA, and not for any marketing or followup purposes. can you help me see how you’re organizing your MAAS?

Thank you for your reply!

Excuse me, how does maas determine whether a disk device belongs to NUMA0 or NUMA1?

PCI buses are connected to specific NUMA nodes. Devices connected to those buses (disks, network cards) show up in the corresponding node.

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